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Habib Rizieq

Vonis Jessica
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Hari Sumpah Pemuda
Sumpah Pemuda, Teks Sumpah Pemuda, isi Sumpah Pemuda
Ryoko Nakaoka


Dahlan Iskan

Miss International 2016
Felicia Hwang
Jessica Mila

The Doll

Benedict Cumberbatch

Amanda Manopo

Prediksi Palermo Vs Udinese

Soni Sumarsono

Ariska Putri Pertiwi
Miss Grand International, Miss Grand International 2016, Ariska Putri, Ika Pertiwi, Miss Grand International Indonesia 2016
Manchester United, Manchester United vs Manchester City, Hasil Piala Liga Inggris, Live Streaming Mu Vs City, Piala Liga Inggris, Streaming Mu Vs City, Live Streaming Manchester United vs Manchester City, MU VS MANCHESTER CITY
Doctor Strange
Dr Strange
Liverpool vs Tottenham

Aliando Syarief
Aldi Taher